My name is sylvia, and like making things better.

If you’ve ever won­dered why some­thing is made or designed the way it is, we have some­thing in com­mon. If you do this com­pul­sive­ly, all the time, fol­low up with three more whys and final­ly, “Is there a bet­ter way?” — or, alter­na­tive­ly (and more bor­ing­ly) “Is this real­ly the opti­mal way, giv­en the cir­cum­stances?” — then we may be soul­mates.

You see, I’m a detail-mind­ed, cre­ative, ana­lyt­i­cal thinker and prob­lem-solver. When I encounter new things, sub-opti­mal things, prob­lem­at­ic things, or con­fus­ing things, I con­sid­er them deeply. I like to get to the bot­tom of those things, and, if pos­si­ble, I like to help make them bet­ter. Of course, when I encounter awe­some, impres­sive things, I con­sid­er them deeply, too. And then, too, I pon­der whether there’s any way that they could con­ceiv­ably be any more awe­some and impres­sive. Choco­late sauce on my triple-lay­er choco­late cake? Yes, please!

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have any delu­sions that I can find rev­o­lu­tion­ary solu­tions to all of the world’s prob­lems, nor that every­thing can be fixed with choco­late sauce (though it often does help).

I do, however, believe in effecting positive change, in driving growth, in expecting excellence, and in pursuing perfection, whatever that may be.

That’s me, in a nut­shell. To get an idea of how this approach has served me in var­i­ous roles I’ve played, read on below. If you are look­ing for some­one that can help pol­ish a prod­uct, refine an idea, dri­ve progress, delight clients, or deliv­er more than expect­ed, please get in touch!